Mobs' Road to 25
This sounds a bit corny, but this is my journey. x
  • Tuesdate with @sansanriego. 🍱 (at Curry Bee)

  • 🍕 #projectpiepizza #projectpie #pizza (at Project Pie Pizza)

  • Sundate with @nhickasuarez @cabanillacrae @chellnobleza @kriszykei.🍕 (at Project Pie Pizza)

  • Fast-food #Selfie with the kiddo. 🍔🍟🍦🍩

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  • Deadlines and Commitments - The Killers

  • Saturday #selfie. Less than 10 days before my #24th, and I think I need a haircut next weekend, and a massage. 💇💆


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  • Recover - Chvrches

  • "Even though he wasn’t the right guy, being with a guy felt right to me. Everything about what we did was scary and weird, but I knew it was what I wanted."
    Suicide Notes, Michael Thomas Ford
  • Welcome to #instagram 👑🅰 @sheistetay01121! #latergram

    xo, 👑🅱